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This wiki is a resource for the Arena Rex miniatures game published by Red Republic Games, and is devoted to discussion of characters, builds and strategies.

Please note that this resource is a condensed version of the information provided from their website. I highly encourage you to visit the Official Arena Rex website (http://arenarex.com/) for additional information and to purchase their products. We are fans of the game and support everything they have provided for us. Much of the information is pulled from their website. If at any time they feel like this resource site is infringing on their rights and/or products I will gracefully remove it from Wiki. I hope you enjoy the information collected and the time we've put into making this a quick reference for all things Arena Rex. This is everyone's community so please feel free to edit any content yourself, post questions, respond with comments, and update the wiki pages for new content.

Thank you, now crush your enemies!

“Now we endure the evils of a long peace. Luxury, more deadly than war, broods over the city, and avenges a conquered world.” - Decimus Junius Juvenalis



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