Acerbus (ack-er-boos)

Often larger animals must be goaded to even take notice of the gladiators in the arena, but Acerbus seems as though he was born to it. Hearing the clamor of the crowds and combatants, he literally burst onto his first display on the sands, breaking down the beasts’ gate to the arena prematurely and replacing his handler’s carefully designed dramatic reveal with an even more dramatic rampage.

Acerbus is a Beast and a Titan. Beasts and may be included in your cohort normally or may be placed in the arena as a living hazard.

Sculpture credit belongs to Stephane Nguyen Van Gioi
Illustration by Yasmine Putri.

Juggernaut - Models pushed by this model are moved 2 inches.

Momentum (STAGE I) - This model may make a 2 inch follow-up move when resolving a successful push. In addition, this model ignores the push resistance granted to opponents for having a larger base size.

Impale (STAGE I) - Earn 2 Favor.

Rampage (STAGE II) - Cost : 1 Fatigue - This model moves 3 inches. Models displaced by this movement suffer 2 damage or gain 1 Fatigue, as their controller chooses.

Second Wind (STAGE II) - Whenever this model would generate a Favor from its vitality track, this model may choose to remove a Fatigue instead.




Q: Can you use Rampage during a clear turn ?
A: No you cannot use Rampage during a Clear Turn. It is restricted for use during that model's Activation.

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