The basic actions that may be declared by any model are:


Cost: A model’s first move during its activation is free. Gain 1 fatigue for each additional move.

Effect: Move up to the model’s MOV value in inches. Models may not move through hazards or other model’s bases.


Cost: Gain 1 fatigue.

Effect: Target an enemy model within the engagement range of the attacking model. Resolve the attack as described in the Combat section.


Cost: Gain 1 additional fatigue level to upgrade an Attack action to a Power Attack.

Trigger: After you declare an Attack action, but before dice are rolled.

Effect: During this attack, the attacker may re-roll any unsuccessful dice once.


Q: Can I attack first then move?
A: Yes, on your turn you may perform a free Move Action, then you may continue to do actions until you are exhausted. NOTE: You lose your free move if you begin your turn exhausted, or perform actions until exhaustion before using your free move. So you can perform any of the following combinations:

Move (Free), Move (Fat), Move (Ex)

Move (Free), Move (Fat), Attack (Ex)

Move (Free), Attack (Fat), Move (Ex)

Move (Free), Attack (Fat), Attack (Fat)

Move (Free), Power Attack (Ex)

Attack (Fat), Attack (Ex), (Free move is lost upon exhaustion)

Attack (Fat), Move (Free) , Move (Ex)

Attack (Fat), Move (Free), Attack (Ex)

Power Attack (Ex), (Free move is lost upon exhaustion)

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