Anum plays a unique role in the munera of Aegyptus. The balance to the ritual and formula that otherwise dominates the sands of the region, Anum represents the chaos that pervades the world of life and death. Unbound by the strictures laid upon many of the other Morituri, his vitality and natural magnetism make him quite a draw for the women who frequent the spectacles. Anum maintains his wild edge not by training with the beasts of the arena or other gladiators, but by constant engagements even outside the regular rites of his ludus.

Anum is a Morituri Gladiator.

Sculpture credit belongs to Valentin Zak & Stephane Nguyen van Gioi
Illustration by Yasmine Putri
Painted by Benjamin Williams.

Musk - This model is ignored by models Going Wild. Additionally, his model cannot be targeted by Living Hazards.

Bereft - While Star vitality box is marked this model must choose star damage tree result when resolving attacks.

Frenzy - Target a friendly beast or Living Hazard. Take a single action with the targeted model. If the targeted model is a living hazard treat it as part of your cohort for the duration of the action.


The "Arena Rex Anum 360



Q: Can Anum use Alpha to trigger Frenzy to make a power attack?
A: Yes! Anum can gain 1 fatigue to use Alpha and trigger Frenzy. He may then gain an additional fatigue to exhaust himself to upgrade that attack to a power attack.

Q: Can Anum use Frenzy to activate an exhausted beast?
A: No, exhausted models cannot make any actions. Anum may only target ready or fatigued beasts with Frenzy.

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