Aquila (Ah-kee-la)

A regal embodiment of the legionary standard, Aquila fights in the arena with a pride and savagery inspiring to onlookers. Hand-picked by the head of Ludus Britannicus, this promising youth is destined for great things.

Aquila is a Legio XIII gladiator.

Sculpture credit belongs to Sebastian Archer
Illustration by Yefim Kligerman and Yasmine Putri
Painted by Benjamin Williams.

Valor - After the resolution of an attack in which the defending enemy model generated Favor from damage caused by this model, this model earns 1 Favor.

Coordinated Strike - If an enemy model is pushed into this model by a friendly attack, the attacker generates 2 additional successes rather than the usual 1.

This model is available in the Legio XIII Starter Set.



SHOWCASE: Arena Rex – Painting Aquila



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