Shrines to this mighty predator can still be found at the edges of villages in the jungles of the east. A terror known for consuming unwary (or unworthy, depending on the tale) souls for years, Atrox prefers to isolate his prey and consume them at his leisure. Those who expect a mighty display of challenge from the jaws of this beast in the arena are often taken unaware by the swift change from the languor of his pacing and stalking to the shocking carnage of his teeth and claws meeting their flesh.

Illustration by Yasmine Putri.

Atrox' tiger art was first seen on Anum's Bestiae benefits card.

RELEASED : 22 MARCH 2018 (Adepticon)

Swift - Only models with Swift may react to this model's first action each activation.
Intercept - This model may spend 1 Favor to make an attack at no Fatigue cost after it completes a Movement Reaction. The model may gain 1 Fatigue to upgrade the attack to a power attack.

★Drag - .This model may move up to 3 inches. Afterwards the defending model may be pushed 3 inches directly towards this model.


Atrox 360



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