Ban Luca

A loyal companion to Aquila from childhood, Ban-Luca is the favored daughter of a skilled military smith. Her childhood oath to always defend Aquila in battle has never wavered, and her father has despaired of keeping her from harm’s way. Instead, he outfits Ban-Luca with his most cunning armor designs to ensure her safety.

Ban-Luca is a Legio XIII gladiator.

Sculpture credit belongs to James Van Schaik
Illustration by Yasmine Putri
Painted by Benjamin Williams.

Stall - This model gains access to the following special Reaction:

Reaction : Stall
Cost : 1 Fatigue
Trigger : When an enemy model moves within 3 inches of this model
Effect : Immediately end the enemy model's action

Coordinated Strike - If an enemy model is pushed into this model by a friendly attack, the attacker generates 2 additional successes rather than the usual 1.

This model is available in the Legio XIII Starter Set.




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