Beasts - Titans


Beasts can be played as part of a cohort, included in the arena as a living hazard, or used as a scenario objective.

When played as part of a cohort, Beasts activate and react like any other model. All beasts are Wild.

Wild : Beasts are not trained members of a Ludus and present a danger to all combatants in the arena. During its cohort's clear turn, a Beast must attempt to attack the nearest model that is not a hazard. The Beast does not gain a fatigue to make this attack. It cannot be upgraded to a power attack. If the Beast is not engaging any models that are not hazards, it will move up to its MOV to engage the nearest model, and will move around terrain and other models to do so, if necessary. If there are multiple closest models equidistant to the Beast, randomize which one is attacked.

The attack roll and resolution of any result on the combat tree are adjudicated by the opponent of the model being attacked by the Beast. Either player may add Favor to the attack roll from their Favor pool.


It is intended that if a beast has to move to engage an enemy, it is also allowed to attack immediately after.
CAVEAT: Wild attacks (and any compulsory movement they entail) are not declared, so they won't allow any reactions.


Titans can be played as part of a cohort, included in the arena as a living hazard, or used as a scenario objective.

Immovable: Titans are accustomed to holding their ground. Titans resist all pushes and may not be shifted or Displaced.

Unstoppable: Titans can move through non-Titan models. During their activation, Titans can end a Move action overlapping the bases of non-Titan models. If a Titan ends a Move Action overlapping the base of a non-Titan, that model is Displaced.

Bestiae Benefits
A cohort that contains only beasts and Anum (Morituri) may use Bestiae Benefits.



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Q: When a titan pushes their opponent is it able to displace other models as it follows up?
A: No, Titans may not displace models during a follow up move.

Q: Can I react to a Wild Attack?
A: No, a wild attack is not declare so it will not allow a reaction.

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