Bugs / Fixes / Suggestions


  • FIX: Next Stage command sync model to card
  • FIX: Add Health of Rider with the Mount


  • DICE TRAY: Clear Non-successes option on Dice
  • DICE TRAY-Move exhausted icon / opportunity attack icon to the immediate end of the dice pool
  • DICE TRAY: Auto re-roll failures [03/30]
  • ARENA: Terrain Randomizer
  • MODEL : Fatigue tokens attached on the models' outside ring
  • MODEL: D3 for Micon Atlas throw
  • COHORT: show % of Ludus cohort ?
  • REPORTING: Alert or notice when a model overlaps a obstacle/hazard [03/31]
  • TERRAIN: Terrain Lock option for terrain assets


  • More Arenas
  • More Terrain
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