Dimitrios the boy knew nothing of the world outside his fishing village. Born shortly after his father was lost at sea, this favored son of his mother was raised harshly by his twin elder brothers. The three siblings carved out a meager existence for the family, fighting waves and worse for half-full nets, sometimes more flotsam than fish. Their fortunes changed when a unique creature washed up on shore within an earshot of their hut. Tangled in discarded netting its cries made it easy to find even in the dark of night. As his brothers drank and sang the night away, certain the creature was worth a month's catch to the local fishmonger, Dimitrios the man spirited away with the beast he intended to sell in Athens for a life-changing sum.

Dimitrios is a Helleniki gladiator.

Sculpture credit belongs to Benoit Cauchies
Artwork by Yasmine Putri
Painted by Benjamin Williams.

Feint - Enemy models in this models engagement range must pay a Favor or suffer 2 damage in addition to the normal cost to React.

Rider - Telesto


Arena Rex Dimitrios



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