FAQ and Errata – 24th March 2019

General Q&A

Can an activated model perform actions until exhausted then use their "free" move?
No. Models may not declare any actions once they enter the exhausted state.

When do players declare the use of the power attack action?
Power attack is declared after the defender has the option to react to the attack, but before dice are
rolled. The active player declares their attack action, at which point the inactive player may react. Then,
after reactions are declared, the active player may declare a power attack. There is no reaction that
triggers on a power attack upgrade, but favor dice may still be declared as long as the dice have not
been rolled.

Is it possible to make a Counter Attack a Power attack by paying an additional fatigue?
No, triggering Reaction: Counterattack is not declaring an attack action

Does an Opportunity Attack count as making an attack action? For interactions with things like Hermes’s
Aegis of Fame?

Reaction: Opportunity Attack is not the same as an attack action, and skips right to the dice. This
bypasses Aegis of Fame.

When a counter attack is made and you fail to exceed the attacker's successes, does your opponent get
ALL of the successes or do the defenders results still cancel out the attacker's, essentially becoming a
stronger defense?

The defender's rolls still count, so it is really a very strong defense. It comes at the expense of a fatigue
and the inability to activate that model on your next turn, with a kicker of possibly getting a little
damage to swing the other way.

Does a successful reposition out of combat allow an activated model to remove fatigue if they are

Yes. Activated exhausted models may utilize the reposition special rule to end their activation outside of
engagement range, reducing their state to fatigued.

Can you voluntarily push a model less than one inch?
No. Pushed models are moved exactly one inch directly away from the pushing model. Follow-up
movement can be up to one inch. This follow-up must be towards, but need not be directly towards, the
pushed model

Do pushes generated by model’s special abilities, such as Ywain’s rebuff, cause damage?
Yes. All damage tree symbols caused by models special rules are resolved normally, including push

Is this damage reduced by armor?
Yes. Direct damage such as Frigge’s retaliate ability will not be listed in a box, and ignores armor.

When pushing a mounted rider, since the mount’s base sizes are bigger, do you still ignore the first push
if targeting the rider?

Yes, riders benefit from their mount’s size in this way. Riders on equal sized mounts attacking each
other would not see any benefit, since they would have the same effective base size.

Clear turns & Last Man Standing:
Can the maneuver tactic used during a clear turn provoke reactions such as move and opportunity

Yes. The maneuver tactic allows a model to declare a standard move action. The opposing playing may
react as normal.

Do staged (multiple card) models still receive "last man standing" benefits for being the last surviving
model of their cohort?

Yes. Models with multiple cards enter the "last man standing" state normally, even if they have more
than one card remaining.

Do mounted models enter the "last man standing" state if the rider and mount are the last two surviving
models of their cohort?

No. A mounted pair consists of two models occupying the same base. Last man standing is not in effect
until one of the mounted pair dies.

Can mounted gladiators benefit from the Maneuver tactic?
Yes. Mounted gladiators may benefit from the Maneuver tactic normally. However, once dismounted,
only the gladiator may receive benefits, not the mount

List building:
Is Noxius treated as part of his adopting ludus during the entire match, or only during list building?
Only during list building. He makes it easier to count as a specific ludus, but generally does not benefit
from their specific tactics.

Do mounts for Ludus models count towards the 75% gladiator restriction or gain Ludus Benefits?
The restriction for Ludus Benefits requires 75% of your cohort’s gladiators to be from one faction.
Mounts, Beasts, and Titans are not gladiators, and do not affect this percentage for the purpose of
determining Ludus Benefit eligibility. Mounts do not gain their rider’s affiliation.

When can Ban-Luca's Stall reaction be triggered?
Stall can be triggered at any point when an enemy model moves within 3" of a ready Ban-Luca. This
can allow Ban-Luca to halt an enemy's movement at any point along their path, ending their action
(some rewind of that part of the action may be necessary)

Can Mounted gladiators benefit from the Maniple tactic?
In theory. Dextarius was misprinted without “Titan” originally, which prevents movement from Maniple
and allows the pair to displace whomever they want. Moot for now.

Can Gaius Pallidus be the target of regrowth? Does he still receive this benefit in last man standing?
Yes to both.

Just to check that I'm reading it right… Dictate is *not* a Tactic. Dictate is a special ability that allows
other non-Sulla models to use Tactics during Sulla's activation. Is that right? If so, is this the only ability
so far in the game that lets you use Tactics outside of a clear turn?

Specific ones, yes.

And Sulla can use Dictate twice, costing one fatigue each time, and he could command one model to use
Exploit and another model to use Maneuver. Because he cannot command two different models to both
use Exploit, because Exploit has a rule saying it can only be used once per activation. Right?


Would I be right in assuming that the targets of these Tactics cannot use them if they are exhausted?
Right in the case of Maneuver, since you can’t declare an action with an exhausted model. Wrong in the
case of Exploit, since there is no action declared, it is just a quick shove.

General clarification on Dictate since it is kind of tricky — it can be used one of two ways:
1. Use the specified tactics outside of a clear turn (during his activation) but only by paying fatigue
to do so.
2. Pay fatigue instead of favor for those tactics during a clear turn as long as you obey it's targeting
Note that both Maneuver and Exploit can still be used normally by spending favor during a clear turn.

How does Dictate interact with exhausted models, etc?
Dictate is a single push box, not an attack, and so does not benefit from bonus successes. Ambush
resolves like a successful attack, and gains the benefits of attacking an exhausted model and/or pushing
into friendlies.

Does a model counterattacking Ywain suffer the effects of Rebuff if they have net successes which don’t
do enough damage to exceed his armor?

Yes. Rebuff does not require an attack action to be declared.

If an opponent targets Hermes with an attack and pays a favor for Aegis of Fame, is another favor spent
if he/she exhausts to attack a second time?

Yes. Both attacks require a favor spent for Aegis of Fame.

If a mounted pair fatigues to attack Hermes, do both the mount and the rider need to pay favor for Aegis
of Fame?

No. Hermes’s Aegis of Fame specifically notes that gladiators must spend a favor to attack. Beasts,
mounts, and titans are unaffected.

Do counter attacks or opportunity attacks trigger Hermes’s Aegis of Fame ability?
No. Neither counter attacks or opportunity attacks are considered attacks for the purposes of Aegis of
Fame. Models declaring these reactions do not have to spend favor.

How many successes do you need to claim the Ludus Magnus benefit Flourish? Can Hermes, for example,
claim it with 4 net successes for a total of 2 favor (one from his dead-end tree, and one from Flourish)?

You must go past the bottom of your tree, not just the end of a single branch (6 successes in Hermes’s

Does Mentulus (cannot spend favor, do not earn favor) stop abilities like Hot-Blooded (generate favor,
add favor)?

No. Mentulus stops all voluntary abilities (earn, spend), but not compulsory abilities (generate, add)

Does Zahra's Lash ability allow her to follow up from a pull by moving away from a model?
No. A follow up is defined as a move of up to 1" towards the defending model.
When are death benefits triggered?

Immediately after marking the final damage box on a models vitality track. Remember that attacking
models resolves all special effects/pushes/follow-up movement/repositions before damage is dealt.

Ur-Kek's death power Spite lets him make an attack. If that attack defeats another model, would UrKek's power Consume Essence keep him from dying?
Yes, there is no timing restriction on Consume Essence having to be during his activation.

Does it require normal fatigue?
No, there is no fatigue cost.

Can it be elevated to a Power Attack?
No, it is not a declared attack action.

Can I add favor?
Yes, you can add favor.

When Triggering Asari is the favor cost counted towards Tiet-Khebi's two per turn cap?
Asari specifies “this model may spend” so it is limited by the cap

Reach 3 gives Zahra a 3" engagement during her activation. If the defending model wishes to make a
counterattack while outside of 1" (i.e., Zahra is engaging from 3" away), can they in fact make the
counterattack? If so, does the fact they are not in 1” range prevent them from actually resolving any
results (if they had more net successes)?

The trigger for Reaction: Counterattack only specifies that the attack is targeting the reacting model,
so they can Counterattack. The defender would be unable to resolve any net successes if they rolled
better, since Zahra is not in their engagement range.

When can Necrosis be used?
Necrosis is a special action that can only be used during Thoth’s activation.

Can Zephyri gladiators in engagement range with Otho use their Brave passive ability?
No. Brave requires the model to spend favor.

Blood Brothers says may only affect each model once per turn. Who is considered to be affected when it
is used? The model being damaged, the model being healed, or both?

Both are affected.

We have a small, two parts, query about Zephyri's tactic "Ambush". Is it required that the gladiator
model becomes fatigued to make the "Ambush" attack? Can it target Hermes?

No, the cost of Ambush is the printed favor cost. Like the Opportunity Attack and Counterattack
reactions, Ambush skips the protection of Aegis.

How does Ambush interact with exhausted models, etc?
Ambush resolves like a successful attack, and gains the benefits of attacking an exhausted model
and/or pushing into friendlies. Dictate is a single push box, not an attack, and so does not benefit from
those bonuses.

Does Snare work against Wild attacks? What about Living Hazards?
Snare works against enemy models. This has been clarified below for living hazards. Wild attacks do not
change affiliation in the course of a Wild attack, and are considered enemy models if their controller is
your opponent.

Can nearby exhausted models reposition when Hroka triggers War Cry?
Yes, they do not need to declare an action, so this is fine.

Can they recover a fatigue?
No. Hroka is the only model with an activation to end; if she chooses to end her activation she can
recover a fatigue.

Are models in base contact with themselves, within 1” of themselves?
Models are not in base contact with themselves. Models are within x” of themelves. Note errata to
Shield Wall. Mounts and riders are in base contact with each other while mounted. They will also be in
contact with the same other models, since they share a space.

Since each beast has a name and is essentially a character, does that mean there cannot be more than
one of those beasts on the table at a time?

The intention was that there should only be one of each character per side (at least in organized

For example, I wanted to try playing Zahra riding Sereqet but her entire cohort being a horde of
scorpions. Sereqet would be the alpha scorpion and the rest would not be mountable. Would this be
doable? Or is the game made for character based battles of only one type per battle?

That said, beasts should generally be fine to use multiples of in casual play, because of how they're
designed with the secondary role of living hazards in mind. A pack of scorpions is cool. A pair of rhinos or
questing beasts with Anum is also pretty cool to see on the board.

Can Anum gain one fatigue and activate his frenzy ability to take an action with an exhausted beast?
No. Exhausted models may not declare any actions. Anum could declare the use of Frenzy and gain a
fatigue, but it would fizzle if the beast is exhausted.

Can Anum use Frenzy to make a power attack with a beast or living hazard?
Yes. Anum must gain one fatigue to make an attack action with a beast or living hazard, then may gain
an additional fatigue to upgrade the attack to a power attack.

Can Leo use his Pounce ability against a model outside of his melee range and reposition towards the
model before resolving attacks?

Yes. This reposition is triggered immediately and resolved completely before reactions are declared.
Inactive models will have the opportunity to make reactions to the attack normally once the reposition
is resolved.

Can Sereqet use Envenom on a counterattack?
Yes. Envenom does not require the declaration of an attack. It may also be used on Wild attacks, but
because it requires a fatigue is not available to Sereqet when used as a living hazard.

When can Rampage be used?
Rampage is a special action that can only be used during Acerbus II’s activation.

Are Medusa and Stheno gladiators?
Yes. Euryale is the only non-gladiator gorgon, being a titan.

Being a titan, is Euryale allowed to benefit from gladiator only special rules such as the maneuver tactic?
No. Euryale follows all of the rules for titans, including any limitations for not being a gladiator.

Stheno treats an unsuccessful attack as though it had one net success. How does this interact with
Retaliate, Sanction, etc.?

Stheno I always gets at least 1 net success when attacking. If she would have fewer, give her exactly as
many as needed to end up with 1 net success.

Rulebook Errata/Changelog:

Fatigue Levels : Exhausted :
Added “Caveat: You may not declare an action with an exhausted model, even if it was your first (free)
move action.”

Actions : Attack :
Replace ”an enemy model” with ”a model”

Reactions : Counterattack & Assist :
Replace ”an enemy model” with ”a model”
Last Man Standing
Change “may activate as part of the clear turn.” to “may activate Immediately at the end of the clear

Additional Terms : Away :
Added “Caveat: models that begin in base contact and are pushed or shifted 1” away should be
considered within 1””

Mounts : Movement :
added “Mounts and riders will benefit from each other’s special rules that directly affect the movement
of the mounted pair (e.g. Titans with a Gladiator Rider can still Displace when mounted).”

Beasts : Wild :
Adjusted movement required by Wild attacks to mirror wording used by Living Hazards and clarify that an
attack is made even if the beast needs to move to engage
“and will move around terrain and other models to do so, if necessary.“ changed to “by the most direct
path possible, and will move around other hazards and models to do so, if necessary before making the

Terrain : Living Hazard
Added ”Living hazards are models, but are considered neither friendly nor enemy models”
Added ”Living hazards that are displaced by a model are placed by that model’s controller’s opponent”

Ludus Benefits : Helleniki Benefits :
Ekstasis – Passive Ability – When in base contact with a friendly Helleniki gladiator model your models
may reroll one DEF dice. When attacking or counterattacking an enemy model in base contact with a
friendly Helleniki gladiator model, your gladiator models may reroll one ATK dice.

Hubris – Passive Ability – A Friendly Helleniki models may suffer 2 damage to earn 1 Favor when declaring
or being targeted by an attack. This favor must be spent on the that model’s next roll. Hubris may be used
only once per roll.

Heroic Challenge – Tactic – Cost: 2 Favor – Target a friendly Helleniki gladiator and an enemy gladiator.
Both models are shifted 3 inches directly towards one another in an order of your choosing. Models may
only be affected by Heroic Challenge once per clear turn.

Model rule Errata/Changelog:
Berserk :
Old : This model may activate while in the Fatigued or Exhausted states. In addition, once per activation,
this model may pay 1 Favor and suffer 3 damage instead of gaining a fatigue.

New : This model may activate while Fatigued or Exhausted. In addition, once during its activation, this
model may pay 1 Favor and suffer 3 damage to declare an action instead of gaining a fatigue, even if

Dextarius : added “Titan”

Theophania : Interdict – When this model declares an assist reaction and is engaging the attacker or
defender it may choose to be displaced by the target model

Argos : Shield Wall – This model gains 1 ARM for every other friendly model within 1”

Exilii Benefits:
Change "No Fate – Cost: 2 Favor" to "No Fate – Tactic – Cost: 2 Favor"

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