Euryale (yur-rye-all-ee)

Constantly being transported to far-flung arenas, the stunning Euryale is a vision of beauty, grace, and poise that distracts from her monstrous nature just long enough for fools to wander close enough to strike. Her lilting calls and statuesque appearance transform to blood-curdling bellows and sinuous fury as she joins battle, within an instant shedding her appeal and becoming a vortex of terror and carnage. Her cries of rage stun spectators and foes alike, and can drown out even the most boisterous crowds. The cost of drawing her to the arena was considerable in both currency and lives, and the cost of keeping her there is even more so.

Euryale is a Titan.

Sculpture credit belongs to Benoit Cauchies
Illustration by Owen Matthew Aurelio.

Swift - Only models with Swift may react to this model's first action each activation.

Constrict - Enemy models in base contact with this model when it activates suffer 1 damage.

Cold Blooded (Stage I) - This model is unaffected by the Taunt ability.

Hot Blooded (Stage II) - When this model upgrades an attack to a power attack, it generates a Favor die which must be added to the attack roll.




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