Raised from birth within the brotherhood, Frigge Eiriksdottir has been a terror since the age of two. Many of the Blood Brothers’ favorite stories of Frigge involve her childhood escapades throwing tantrums and stealing weapons twice her height. This continued until her demands were met and she was presented with a child’s wooden sword to match her brother’s. Her father knew that day that his only daughter was a warrior-born and the rest of the brotherhood had best try and keep up.

Frigge is a Zephyri gladiator.
This model is also available in the Zephyri Starter Set.

Sculpture credit belongs to Benoit Cauchies
Illustration by Yasmine Putri
Painted by Benjamin Williams.

Retaliate - Enemy models suffer 2 damage if they fail to achieve at least 1 net success when attacking this model or model Assisted by this model.

Intervene - When declaring an Assist Reaction, this model may move up to 3 inches toward the attacker or defender. This model may move up to 3 inches after it Assists a friendly model.

Disengage - Whenever this model would generate a Favor from its vitality track due to damage from an enemy, this model may choose to make a free Move Action instead.


The "Arena Rex Pre-Production Samples III



Q: If Frigge counter-attacks and rolls more successes than your opponent, does her Retaliate ability also trigger on top of your normal success damage?
A: Yes. Retaliate does trigger dealing 2 damage that ignores any armor, and you also resolve any remaining net-successes from the counter-attack.

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