Gaius Palidus

Gaius (guy-us) Pallidus (pal-lid-us)

A warrior to make the stoutest of men quail, Gaius Pallidus was struck down in battle as the Gallo-Roman legions brought “peace” to the Isle of Hibernia. Nearly decapitated and abandoned with the dead, he was found and subjected to the prayers and healing arts of a local druid. With renewed and surprising vitality, he continues to shrug off wounds that would be mortal to others, and turns the cries of his opponents from triumph to frustration and dread.

Gaius Pallidus is a Legio XIII gladiator.

Sculpture credit belongs to Sebastian Archer
Illustration by Yasmine Putri
Painted by Benjamin Williams.

Stoic - This model does not gain Fatigue when pushed into a hazard. The model still suffers any other hazard effects.

Regrowth - During this model's controller's clear turn, a single friendly model within 3 inches of this model may heal 2 vitality.

Undying - The first time this model would be defeated, it is not defeated. Instead, fully resolve the action that would cause it to be defeated, then this model heals 1 vitality.

This model is available in the Legio XIII Starter Set.




Q: Can Gaius heal himself every clear turn?
A: Yes he is considered a friendly model and is within 3" of himself. Note: if Gaius is the Last Man Standing, in which every turn is considered a clear turn, he can effectively heal himself every turn.

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