These three sisters are ready to reign down terror upon mortals.


Sisters - Gorgon Benefits are only available to a cohort composed strictly of Medusa, Sthenio, and Euryale.

Poise - Passive Ability - When a model in this cohort transitions stages it retains it's current Fatigue level rather than exhausting.

Petrify - Tactic - Cost: 2 Favor - A model engaged by Medusa gains 1 Fatigue. This tactic can only be used once per clear turn.

Slayer - Tactic - Cost: 1 Favor - Stheno gains wild for the duration of the clear turn.

Slither - Tactic - Cost: 1 Favor - Euryale repositions, models may be displaced as a result of this movement. This Tactic can only be used once per clear turn.

Gorgon Benefits


Tactics Spotlight: Gorgons


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