A brutal and unforgiving force of nature, Hagal is known for leaving little but devastation in his wake. Formerly a blackship raider, he was always invigorated by the taste of salt and iron that came with the summer, to the point of growing weary at long winters spent idle. The arenas of the south give him the chance to revel in the clash of steel at his leisure, a joy that only true warriors can appreciate.

Hagal is a Zephyri gladiator.

Sculpture credit belongs to Stephane Nguyen van Gioi
Illustration by Bagus Hutomo
Paint by Benjamin Williams.

Reaver - This model heals 2 vitality at the end of its activation if an enemy model generated Favor from damage caused during the activation.

Berserk - ERRATA : This model may activate while Fatigued or Exhausted. In addition, once during its activation, this model may pay 1 Favor and suffer 3 damage to declare an action instead of gaining a fatigue, even if exhausted.



Design Spotlight: Hagal



Q: Can you remove a Fatigue then attack with Berserk?
A: No you cannot activate that model if you remove a Fatigue token from it first.

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