"Death does not concern us — while we exist, Death is not here, and when it does come, we no longer exist." - Epicurus
The Helleniki view the arena as a living work of art — the staged drama of war, the lacuna of the crowd's breath, the rhythm of epic duels between heroes. Born from a region known for its philosopher heroes and brutal politics, the newly unified Hellenic League rises to reclaim their laurels from the arena after reclaiming their independence. With a blend of visual styles from across the peloponnese and mainland, the Helleniki rely on their faith in the heroes beside them to guide them to victory.

Ludus Hellenicus celebrates the diversity and unity of the Hellenic League for all to see, while ensuring the the political engines of continued Greek independence remain stoked with the fuel of domination as the scars of an opportunistic rebellion heal. A new age of heroes can be found in local arenas, and the names of Greek warriors once again grace tongues the world over as their adoption of the Munera overtakes even the Olympics in import.

The Helleniki Starter Set contains:

Three game cards
Plastic Arena Rex bases and tokens for each figure
Helleniki Benefits card

RELEASED : 2nd Aug 2018 (GenCon)


Echelon - Passive Ability - When in base contact with a friendly Helleniki gladiator model your gladiator models may reroll one DEF dice. When attack or counterattacking an enemy model in base contact with a friendly Helleniki gladiator model your gladiator models may reroll one ATK dice.

Hubris - Passive Ability - Friendly Helleniki models may suffer 2 damage to earn 1 Favor when declaring or being targeted by an attack. This Favor must be spent on the next roll. Hubris may be used once per roll.

Heroic Challenge - Tactic - COST: 2 Favor - Target a friendly Helleniki gladiator and an enemy gladiator. Both models are shifted 3 inches directly toward one another in an order of your choosing. Models may be affected by Heroic Challenge only once per clear turn.

Helleniki Benefits

Helleniki 360




Q: Can you reroll favor dice with Ekstasis ?
A: Yes! A great ability to use for those unruly Favor die ;)

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