VASSAL REX Instructional Video

Java Runtime Environment for all Operating Systems
Vassal Engine
VASSAL REX Module ver. 0.68 (CHANGELOG) *** Updated for VASSAL 3.4.3

Quick Start:
You can play Offline or Look for a Game Online.
Click the Left and Right arrows button on your toolbar to show the Lobby Connections.
My suggestion when playing online is to create a New Room. All the players who want to join enter the room. Then lock the room from other players joining.

Once all players have entered, whomever will be player 1 clicks FILE -> NEW GAME

  • Selects Player 1
  • Selects the Arena
  • Then clicks Finish

Player 2:
After the game is created by Player 1

  • In the room lobby, RIGHT-CLICK on your opponent that is Player 1
  • Click Synchronise
  • Choose Player 2
  • * Click Finish

Direction Keys
- 'UP' Move Forward 1"
- 'DOWN' Move Backward 1"
- 'CTRL + UP' Nudge Forward
- 'CTRL + DOWN' Nudge Backward
- 'NUMPAD +' Increase Damage
- 'NUMPAD -' Decrease Damage
- 'NUMPAD /' Show Ruler Path
- 'NUMPAD *' Show Melee Range

Right Clicking on game assets (cards/models/terrain) offer specific commands for those assets.

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