A scion of the Ptolemies of old, Khepros lived a youth of wealth and leisure. As he grew and pursued his studies, however, he developed a taste for the philosophy of his ancestors, and eventually joined a Pythagorean cult. Such blasphemy would go unremarked for most, but for one with ties to the royal family the consequences were grave. Khepros has sworn an oath of silence to keep such philosophies from passing his lips, and toils upon the sands to redeem himself in the eyes of his family.

Khepros is a Morituri gladiator.

Sculpture credit belongs to Benoit Cauchies
Illustration by Yasmine Putri.

Pre-released at Adepticon 2016.

Momentum - This model may make a 2 inch follow-up move when resolving a successful push. In addition, this model ignores the push resistance granted to opponents for having a larger base.

Shelter - Model's Assisted by this model add this model's ARM to theirs as well as this model's DEF.

Scarab's Toil - A friendly model may resolve on PUSH against a model in its engagement range.



Arena Rex: Painting Khepros Part 1

Arena Rex: Painting Khepros Part 2

Arena Rex: Painting Khepros Part 3



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