Many describe the munera as cruel but beautiful sport – a world more than befitting Leika’s temperament. Known for a beauty matched only by her vanity and contempt for the well-being of others, Leika often spends her nights in feast-halls carousing. Her mocking of suitors and boasters alike ensures that more of her winnings are spent on repairs for the halls than on meat and mead. Despite all this, she seems always to emerge unscathed and fresh for even early morning sparring.

Leika is a Zephyri gladiator.

Sculpture credit belongs to Benoit Cauchies
Illustration by Yasmine Putri
Painted by Benjamin Williams.

Released Adepticon 2017

Snare - Enemy models that declare attacks while in base contact with this model may not move as part of the attack's resolution.

Encircle - This model is displaced by the defending model.



TooMini Painting Leika



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