Ludus Magnus

Legio (leg-ee-o) XIII (13)
Ludus (loo-duss) Magnus (mag-nuss)
For over 400 years Ludus Magnus has stood as the Roman Republic’s most celebrated gladiator school. Located adjacent to the Colosseum, the school lies at the heart of bloody spectacle in Rome. Emerging from their exclusive tunnel entrance onto the sands of the arena, these exemplars of showmanship and violence drive the city to a fevered pitch. The Ludus Magnus aesthetic centers on classic Roman gladiator motifs.

Classic Roman gladiator aesthetic. These gladiators are adept at manipulating the crowd to gain their favor.


Flourish - Passive Ability - Ludus Magnus gladiator models in your cohort earn 1 Favor if, during an attack or counterattack they reach the bottom of their damage and still have one or more unapplied net successes.

Circus Maximus - Passive Ability - Ludus Magnus gladiator models in your cohort may spend up to 3 Favor dice per turn.

Rouse - Tactic - Cost: A Ludus Magnus gladiator model in your cohort gains a Fatigue - Earn 1 Favor. This tactic may only be used once per clear turn.

Ludus Magnus Benefits


Tactics Spotlight: Ludus Magnus



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