Lupa (loo-pah)

A spectacle and executioner, Lupa is often brought into the arena to finish off foes who have been condemned, or to rouse a crowd when their interest is flagging. Crushing the heads of the fallen with great strokes of her hammer, or toying with opponents by incorporating elaborate flourishes, she ensures that even the most lackluster opponents will be drawn into a great show. Adept at creating a captive audience, Lupa ensures that the crowds always leave satisfied.

Lupa is a Ludus Magnus gladiator.

Sculpture credit belongs to MIKH
Illustrations by Yasmine Putri and Amber Blade Jones
Painted by Benjamin Williams.

Note: Lupa is a Kickstarter / Convention exclusive model. As such, she is only available on special occasions such as during conventions and webstore promotions.

Hot Blooded - When this model upgrades an attack to a power attack, it generates a Favor die which must be added to the attack roll.

Caveat Emptor - After this model declares an attack, before rolling dice, the defending model may pay 2 Favor to this model's controller to make the result of the attack a draw with no net successes on either side. Favor added to the attack or defense roll is lost.




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