A rising star of the Antonian Guard, Mago is one of the few elite guardsmen allowed to participate in the munera. Combining the exotic styles of his birth with the traditional garb of the Retiarius, Mago presents something both new and and familiar to the delight of the crowds. Wielding net and trident in a ruthlessly efficient and tactical manner, most assume Mago is the clear successor for Captain of the Antonian Guard.

Mago is a Morituri gladiator.

Sculpture credit belongs to Roberto Chaudon
Illustration by Yefim Kligerman.

Entangle - Enemy models must gain 1 Fatigue to leave this model's engagement range. Enemy models do not gain 1 Fatigue if they are pushed, shifted, or displaced out of this model's engagement range, or if they leave its engagement range due to the movement of this model.

Second Wind - Whenever this model would generate Favor from its vitality track, this model may choose to remove a Fatigue instead.

Contempt - Each opponent loses 1 Favor for each model they control engaged by this model. If an opponent has no Favor to lose, generate 1 Favor for each Favor they should have lost.

This model is available in the Morituri Starter Set.




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