Marcus Furius

Marcus (mar-cuss) Furius (fyoor-ee-us)

As a youth, Marcus Furius spent much of his time herding livestock on his family’s estate in Etruria. Later falling to raiding and banditry in the hills north of Rome, he developed a taste for notoriety that led him to the arena. Now, he misdirects and snares opponents for even greater reward.

Marcus Furius is a Ludus Magnus gladiator.

Sculpture credit belongs to Patrick Masson
Illustration by Yefim Kligerman
Painted by Benjamin Williams.

Entangle - Enemy models must gain 1 Fatigue to leave this model's engagement range. Enemy models do not gain 1 Fatigue if they are pushed, shifted, or displaced out of this model's engagement range, or if they leave its engagement range due to the movement of this model.

Harrier - Whenever an enemy model engaged ny this model removes Fatigue, this model generates 1 Favor. This rule has no effect during a clear turn.

This model is available in the Ludus Magnus Starter Set.




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