Micon (my-kon)

A freedman accustomed to poverty, Micon learned early that not having a weapon was not the same as being unarmed. Years of quarrying stones and field work have layered dense muscle onto his naturally imposing physique. Pounding stones to dust or pounding noxii into a bloody mess is a similar process for Micon — one just pays better.

Micon is a Ludus Magnus gladiator.

Sculpture credit belongs to Valentin Zak
Illustration by Yefim Kligerman
Painted by Benjamin Williams.

Atlas Throw - This model generates 1 Favor. If the defending model is not a beast or a titan, place it anywhere within d3 inches of its current position. If the defending model is a mounted rider, the mount will remain in place, and the rider will be forcibly dismounted and placed within d3 inches of the mount. Atlas Throw allows for follow up movement as though it were a single push.

Stoic - This model does not gain Fatigue when pushed into a hazard. This model still suffers any other effects of the hazard.

Momentum - This model may make a 2 inch follow-up move when resolving a successful push. In addition, this model ignores the push resistance granted to opponents for having a larger base size.

Reversal - This model may resolve its damage tree effects in reverse order. Net successes are still applied from the top of the damage tree. When using Reversal, this model does not generate additional successes by pushing an enemy into base contact with a friendly model.

This model is available in the Ludus Magnus Starter Set.



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