Stheno (stee-no)
Stheno StatCard-Stage2-v1
From deep in the eastern forests, Stheno is terrible to behold. Though accustomed to isolation and a simple life of quiet contemplation, Stheno will brook no insult to herself or those she deems worthy of her protection. Despite her preference for stillness and peace, Stheno prefers to end threats swiftly and permanently, and is living evidence that in many cases the best defense is a good offense.

Stheno is an unaligned gladiator.

Sculpture credit belongs to Benoit Cauchies
Illustration by Yasmine Putri.

Dance of Death - This model's controller chooses the direction of the first push of any attack or counterattack involving this model.

Inevitable (STAGE I) - When this model makes an unsuccessful attack, treat the attack as if it generated 1 net success.

Desultory (STAGE I) - This model may not make Counterattack Reactions.

Violent (STAGE II) - The first attack made during this model's activation costs no Fatigue.

Planted (STAGE II) - This model does not get a free move action.

Singular (STAGE II) - Do not count this stage when determining whether your cohort qualifies for Ludus Benefits.



Arena Rex: Painting Stheno Part 1

Arena Rex: Painting Stheno Part 2



Q: Can you power attack as your first attack for free with Violent ability ?
A: No, Attack is a regular Action, and a Power Attack is an upgrade to that Attack Action for an additional Fatigue cost.


With the Violent Ability, Stheno Attacks for free, then pays 1 Fatigue to upgrade the Attack to a Power Attack. After these results, you could potentially perform a regular attack that will Exahust her.


With the Violent Ability, Stheno Attacks for free, then afterward potentially another Attack for 1 Fatigue, and followed by potentially a third Attack for another Fatigue that will Exhaust her.


With the Violent Ability, Stheno Attacks for free, and afterward potentially Power Attacks to Exhaust her.

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