Sulla (sull-uh)
A hero of the empire, Titus Cornelius Sulla has always served Rome faithfully. Rising to prominence quickly by showing a genius for timing assaults and for the construction of novel formation maneuvers in the heat of battle, Sulla retains an unblemished record in war. The proconsul has refused only one imperial command in his life: the command to retire. When the loss of his sword arm barred him from traditional service, the “old man” simply trained his shield arm to do twice the work. Continuing his service to the Empire, Sulla commands the Legio XIII in advanced formation tactics.

Sulla is a Legio XIII gladiator.

Sculpture credit belongs to Patrick Masson
Illustration by Yasmine Putri.

Dictate - Cost: 1 Fatigue - This model's controller may activate the Exploit or Maneuver tactic at no Favor cost. The target of this Tactic must be another model within 5 inches of this model.

Veteran - While defending, this model may reroll unsuccessful dice once. This ability has no effect during a Counterattack reaction.

Tactician - While this model is in play its controller gains access to the following Tactic:

Exploit: Tactic - Cost: 1 Favor
A friendly gladiator model resolves a 'PUSH' against an enemy model within its engagement range. This Tactic may only be used once per Clear Turn or activation.




Q: Can Sulla use Dictate on a Clear Turn ?
A: General clarification on Dictate since it is kind of tricky — it can be used one of two ways:

  1. Use the specified tactics outside of a clear turn (during his activation) but only by paying fatigue to do so.
  2. Pay fatigue instead of favor for those tactics during a clear turn as long as you obey it's targeting restrictions

Note that both Maneuver and Exploit can still be used normally by spending favor during a clear turn.

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