A patient warrior who favors maneuvering around his opponents and exhausting them before closing in for the kill, Sven treats even his human foes more like dangerous predators than proper enemies. He prefers to keep his opponents at bay with the reach of his spear and sword, trusting in his reflexes and the precision of his strikes to ward him more surely than armor or a shield. Hard hours of training and focused preparation from childhood ensure that his sister Frigge has a constant rival for any title within the ludus.

Sven is a Zephyri gladiator.
This model is also available in the Zephyri Starter Set.

Sculpture credit belongs to Olivier Nkweti
Illustration by Yasmine Putri
Painted by Benjamin Williams.

Swift - Only models with Swift may react to this model's first action each activation.

Berserk - This model may activate while in the Fatigued or Exhausted states. In addition, once per activation, this model may pay 1 Favor and suffer 3 damage instead of gaining a Fatigue.

Disengage - Whenever this model would generate a Favor from its vitality track due to damage from an enemy, this model may choose to make a free Move Action instead.



Design Spotlight: Sven



Q: Can you remove a Fatigue then attack with Berserk?
A: No you cannot activate that model if you remove a Fatigue token from it first.

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