Tactics are special bonuses and abilities that may only be activated during the Clear Turn. All cohorts have access to the following standard Tactics:


Cost : 1 Favor

You may declare a standard Move Action with a friendly gladiator model at no fatigue cost. Maneuver can only affect each model once per clear turn.


Cost : 1 Favor

Remove 1 fatigue from a model in your cohort.


Cost : 1 Favor

Take a single action with a Living Hazard. For the duration of that action, treat it as if it were part of your cohort. Each Living Hazard may only be affected by this Tactic once per clear turn.


Q: During a Clear Turn when you Incite to take an action with a living hazard, you don't get a free movement action like you would with a normal activation right? It's basically either Move OR Attack? When activating Living Hazard in this way, are you still granted the additional success for pushing it into a "friendly model"?
A: That is correct. Only a single action is allowed. You can either move the the living hazard, or attack if an enemy is within its engagement range.

You are not granted additional new successes for pushing into a friendly model.

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