Her sarcasm and flippancy wouldn't suggest a warrior as determined. Refusing to accept the life of a typical Spartan woman, marrying and birthing warriors. Theophania charts her own course. Why give birth to great heroes when you yourself can become one? As a young girl she was drawn to sparring after the day's exercises and though she sometimes returned home bruised many of the local boys she faced fared far worse. During the second trial of Taygetus, she blinded the cyclops of Milos and maimed a judge who insisted women couldn't take part in the ritual. So vicious she was, the elders were pleased to send her off to far flung arenas to represent great Sparta, while putting hundreds of leagues between themselves and her brand of violence.

Theophania is a Helleniki gladiator.

Sculpture credit belongs to Benoit Cauchies
Artwork by Yasmine Putri.

Laconic - This model's controller gains a Favor when this model, or a model assisted by this model, is the target of an attack that achieves no net successes.

★Inspire - Another friendly model within 3" may recover 1 Fatigue.

Interdict - When this model declares an assist reaction it may choose to be displaced by the target model.


Theophania 360



Q: Interdict
A: there is an update coming for both the general assist reaction and the intervene special rule. For now please assume that Theophania must be within 1” of the mode she intends to assist when the assist is declared."

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