Thoth has taken for himself the mantle of lawgiver, and often acts as a ceremonial executioner for the publicly condemned. He sees fighting in the arena as a form of devotion to the ideal of balance, a threshold between the immediacy of life and the eternity of the afterlife.

Thoth is a Morituri gladiator.

Sculpture credit belongs to Valentin Zak
Illustration by Yefim Kligerman and Yasmine Putri.

Libra - When the controller of this model initiates a clear turn, they may gain or lose 1 Favor. Then all players gain or lose Favor until they equal this model's controller's Favor.

Necrosis - Cost: 2 Fatigue - All enemy models within 3 inches gain 1 Fatigue.

Scythe - Trigger SKULL effects on all friendly models in play. When Scythe is resolved, remove this model from play.




Q: To use the Necrosis ability does Thoth have to be in the Ready Level of fatigue?
A: Yes, because the ability requires 2 Fatigue to use it, you must be in a ready status.

Q: On a clear turn can Thoth use his Libra Ability at to lose one favor if you don't have favor at the start? Then your opponent will lose all of their favor to match
A: Yes. If you are currently at Zero favor at the start of your clear turn, then your opponent must match your Zero favor.

NOTE: Thoth's Libra ability MUST be resolved completely immediately at the start of your Clear Turn, before your other clear turn tactics can begin.

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