Tiet Khebi

Years of discipline have made this woman a formidable force. Uniting the role of ceremonial priestess and gladiator, Tiet-Khebi’s purpose is to shed as much sacrificial blood in the munera as possible. It is thought that this will speed the spirits across the threshold of life and death, and ensure their power in their next life.

Tiet-Khebi is a Morituri gladiator.

Sculpture credit belongs to Benoit Cauchies
Illustration by Amber Blade Jones
Painted by Benjamin Williams.

Triumph - This model earns 2 Favor when it defeats another model.

Asari - This model may spend 1 Favor to trigger a SKULL effect on an enemy model within 5 inches.

Innervate - A friendly gladiator model removes 1 Fatigue and heals 2 vitality. This model may not target itself with this ability.


The "Arena Rex Pre-Production Samples II



Q: Does Asari count toward the 2 favor we are limited to use per activation ?
A: Yes to use this ability you will need to pay 1 favor toward your 2 favor limit on your activation

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