Tribune (trib-yoon)

Politics and the spectacle of the arena have long been betrothed, and were bedfellows well before the inception of the great Ludus Magnus. The newest starts and styles from foreign lands have proven fashionable seasoning for the traditional circus fare in recent decades, leading to a vigorous resurgence in popularity for the arenas. With popularity, comes political clout for those who take to the sands. The recently created office of Tibunus Arenarum, or Tribune of the Sands was an effort by the powers in the Republic both to curry favor with the gladiators and check their influence at the same time. While the new Tribunal office ensures that gladiators have their own distinct voice in the republic, it also allows them to more easily be outvoted by more moderate (or more easily bribed) voices. Eschewing his own name, Quintus Fabius Patricianus is 15th gladiator elected to the office. Personally responsible for the public corporal punishment and condemnation of those gladiators who transgress the professional strictures of Ludus Magnus, the Tribune most often faces the most skilled and dangerous opponents in the arena — those who are arrogant or desperate enough to flout justice in the arena by right of arms.

The Tribune is a Ludus Magnus gladiator.

Sculpture credit belongs to Benoit Cauchies
Illustration by Yasmine Putri
Painted by Benjamin Williams.

Release Date : GenCon 2017

Exile - The defending model is pushed 3 inches directly away from this model. The model may not follow up. This model may pay 1 Favor to resolve any remaining successes as though it was still engaged with the defending model.

Sanction - The model's controller gains a Favor when a model attacking this model fails to achieve at least one net success.



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