A trainer for the Morituri, Ur-Kek never lost his taste for competing in the arena, and regularly joins his charges on the sands. His skills have been tempered by years of experience and refined with the intricate knowledge of combat that comes from having to train others. It seems there is no trick he has not seen in battle — he has used most of them himself. Unimpressed by the ceremony and fanfare of the munera, Ur-Kek lives only for the opportunity to dominate worthy foes in single combat.

Ur-Kek is a Morituri gladiator.

Sculpture credit belongs to Valentin Zak
Illustration by Amber Blade Jones.

Consume Essence - This model heals 3 vitality whenever another model within 3 inches is defeated.

Taunt - Models engaging an enemy model with Taunt may declare attacks only against models with Taunt.

Spite - This model makes an attack.

This model is available in the Morituri Starter Set.




Q: Can a model react to Ur-Kek's Spite death attack?
A: No you cannot react to the attack because the attack skips declaration and immediately goes to targeting. Spite also does not require fatigue and cannot be upgraded to a power attack. Though you can add favor (if you have not met your 2 max limit yet for defending or attacking.

Q: Let's say an opponent defeats Ur-kek and triggers his spite ability, Ur-kek then attacks an opponent and kills them which triggers Consume Essence giving him 3 vitality back. Does this stop Ur-Kek from dying?
A: Yes! He would come back with 3 life. This would also allow him to trigger Spite again later in the game.

Q: Does his free attack from Spite have to be used on the model that killed him?
A: No, he can attack any opponent in his melee range. Spite can also be used from Cleopatra's Gift (a Morituri benefit if you have 75% of your cohort as Morituri models).

Q: Does Consume Essence also work on your own friendly models when they are killed?
A: Yes, Consume Essence works on any model within 3 inches of your Ur-Kek

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