VA Changelog

VER 0.67 (05.04.2020)
- NEW FEATURE - Card and Model damage are now in Sync. Players MUST use the same ring color for models and for border color for cards. Use CTRL + R to change these colors to match.

- GLADIATOR: Added Gjallr!!! Somehow he was missed or accidently deleted! Sorry about that
- LIVING HAZARDS: Models that are Titans or Beasts must now be marked as "Living Hazards" from the model menu if a living hazard
- LIVING HAZARDS: Track damage on the model itself, and use the card only for Damage Tree selection.
- STAT CARDS : Removed all 'Deselected' log notifications from Damage Tree path
- DICE TRAY : - Added 3 starting Favor to Dice Tray
- DICE TRAY : - Added 3 starting Fatigue to Dice Tray
- DICE TRAY : Pull Favor from the Favor Die in the top right corner.
- DICE TRAY : Added OPPORTUNITY ATTACK to dice menu and icon
- DICE TRAY : Actual Favor dice scanned for Dice
- DICE TRAY : Select your own Style dice from Red Republic Arena Rex Dice sets
- FATIGUE : Added Change color to fatigue tokens
- CARDS : Added 'Flip to Next Stage' on cards that have multiple stages
- MODEL: Added menu item and new bloodied model for Gaius' Undying ability
- MODEL: Added Noxious Breath Damage report to Ladon model /card
- MODEL: Reworked Mounting - ALT-M Mount, ALT-D Dismount
- MODEL: Fixed rotation on 'Mount' command activation
- MODEL: Added an option to indicate models with 'TAUNT' menu
- MODEL: Added an option to indicate models with 'SWIFT menu
- FATIGUE TOKENS: Change color on menu
- Added: Report BRONZED from Phaedra card ALT-B
- Added: Report ICHOR from Medusa's card ALT-I
- Added: Report CONSTRICT to Euryale model ALT-C
- Added: Disengage menu item to Bjarvhitt, Frigge, Hroka, Sven, Vargr
- Area of Effect Range has been tweaked
- General code cleanup

VER 0.51 (12.04.2020)
- Fixed Player4 issue with the 'cohort IV' window

VER 0.50 (10.04.2020)
- NEW FEATURE - Damage Tree Path. You can now select on all 68 cards which path you want to use to indicate to your opponent.
- Fixed the Damage boxes from slipping on all 68 cards
- START GAME: Added Setups
- Instead of FILE -> New Game, now FILE-> Setup Standard Game. This will select the default map, start your with 3 favor & 3 fatigue in the dice tray.
- GUI: Combined Action, Reaction, and Tactics Quick Reference screens into 1 pull down menu. Indicated with the Gladius icon.

- Added 'Clone a Model' option to all models to use as movement proxies
- Added 'Clone' to terrain pieces
- Added 'Remove All Wounds' to every stat card
- Added the starter pit from RRG
- Added new HTML links to the ABOUT menu (RRG website, Wiki, Rulebook, Errata, Discord)
- Added Inspire to Theophania submenu
- Added Prophet to Daphne submenu
- Added Beautiful Death to Archidamos submenu
- Removed Quick Start Guide under ABOUT menu
- Adjusted menu items layout for all models
- Replaced the Arrows online lobby server icon with a new icon of the Pantheon
- Combined BEASTS and TITANS in the model selection window
- Combined EXILII and UNALIGNED in the model selection window
- Increased the size of the Quick Reference Actions
- Increased the size of the Quick Reference Reactions
- Increased the size of the Quick Reference Tactics
- Fixed multiple dice roll sounds
- Fixed Zahra REACH Range - replaced Melee 1" on menu and hotkey
- Fixed Terrain Pits with Flip & Rotate
- Fixed MAX Health bug for characters on the MODEL asset
- Fixed random number displayed at 0 Health on the MODEL asset
- Fixed Dextarius Wounds
- Removed unnecessary exhausted tokens

VER 0.35 (03.27.20)
Various bug fixes
Straightened up some file structures
Uploaded new higher res stat cards for Helleniki and Crassus models

VER 0.34 (08.23.19)
Added Daphne model / Statcard
Added Krios model / Statcard
Added Phaedra model / Statcard
Added Crassus model / Statcard

VER 0.33 (04.01.19)
Added Gjallr model
Added Gjallr card (phone pic)

VER 0.32 (08.10.18)
Added Helleniki Benefits
Added Antaeus model / Statcard
Added Archidamos model / Statcard
Added Argos model / Statcard
Added Dimitrios model / Statcard
Added Theophania model / Statcard
Added Telesto model / Statcard

VER 0.31 (06.12.18)
Added Mount / Dismount option to Menu
Added Mount & Rider icons
Added 50 Favor Die to Favor Die Stack in the Dice Tray
Rotated Map Counter Clockwise 90degrees
Added Unrelenting ability to Cato menu

VER 0.3 (06.12.18)
Ladon Stat Card
Ladon token
Fixed Ywain, Cato, Acerbus Stage 2, Atrox card damage
Add rotate to fallen column
Added Red/Blue 5” Duel Zones
Added FLIP / OPEN PIT to all Pit terrains (Roman Numeral I,II,III,IV,V,VI)

VER 0.29 (03.28.18)
Cato Stat Card
Cato token
Exilii Benefits Card

VER 0.28 (03.16.18)
Atrox Stat Card
Atrox token

VER 0.27 (09.24.17)
New Terrain Pieces

VER 0.26 (09.20.17)
On Model Pieces : Changed NUMPAD + to ADD WOUND
On Model Pieces : Changed NUMPAD - to REMOVE WOUND
Added Stat Card Damage menu to all models
Changed wording on reporting dice rolls
File Cleanup
Removed Damage Indicator Token
Added Reporting on Favor dice
Added bonus Exhaustion Dice
Resized Scenario cards
Fixed damage box removal on card delete

VER 0.25 (09.19.17)
Added Special Ability player menu
Added Stall Menu to Ban-Luca model
Added Regrowth to Gaius Pallidus
Added Reach to Zahra
Added Terror to Zahra
Added Intervene to Iason
Added Intervene to Frigge
Added Dictate to Sulla
Added Plague to Iocasta
Added Necrosis to Thoth
Added Consume Essence to Ur-Kek
Added War Cry to Hroka
Added ‘Change Ring Color’ to differentiate your cohort for 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm
Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Grey
Fixed Terrain layer objects to be bottom layer when drawn
Zoom Function added to Cohort windows
Added Player Button graphic to Toolbar
Changed Rough Rotation to 48 facings from 36
Changed Fine Rotation to 84 facings from 72
Resized Iocasta Card
Added Game Piece Layer to Cohort hands
Added Damage Indicator to Gladiator List Under Fatigue
Added Noxius Stat Card Damage prototype - PLEASE TEST
Added Damage Reporting in the Main Chat Window

VER. 0.24 (09.05.17)
Removed Fatigue from Player Menu
Fixed FLIP on Colored Fatigue Tokens
Fixed 40mm Show Ruler with Gaius pictured
Changed Damage Counter to use NUMPAD + to add Damage, NUMPAD - to remove Damage
Swapped Hroka Stat Card with a lighter contrast image

VER. 0.23 (09.04.17)
Added Living Hazard 3” threat radius (CTRL + *)
Added 3” Living Hazard Threat Aura to 50mm 60mm bases
Added Favor Tokens / Declared Favor images
Added Re-Roll menu to all Attack/Defense/Favor Dice
Added each Ludus Benefits cards to the respected Ludus in Gladiators
Cleaned up Player Menu
Fixed Euryale to 50mm
Removed Ruler image
Changed Name to Show Ruler Path
Added 30mm 40mm 50mm 60mm Ruler Path image
Adjusted Show Ruler Path color consistency for all bases
Changed Shortcuts on Show Ruler and Show Melee (/ and *)
Added Red, Green, Blue, Yellow Fatigue Tokens

VER. 0.22 (09.03.17)
Added Cohort I-IV Window to drop your cards into

VER. 0.21 (09.03.17)
Resized all stat cards to 300x429
Resized Ruler

VER 0.2 (08.25.17)
Dice Rolling mechanic solved
Added Scenario cards
Added Reference Cards
Added reaming Stat Cards
Added remaining gladiator tokens
Added fatigue tokens
Updated toolbar with icons

VER 0.15 (06.16.17)
Project stalled due to Dice rolling mechanics
Added arenas
Build Aemilia model
Uploaded Aemilia stat card
Built movement system

VER 0.1 (06.12.2017)
Project Began
Gathering assets

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