From the exotic lands beyond the Atlantic, Vargr always preferred the excitement and adventure of hunting, combat, and scouting to the long-winded wisdom of the elders. Growing up in a mixed trading settlement Vargr heard unbelievable stories from the “old world” of undying warriors drenched in glory, and unimaginable beasts offering challenge. When the brothers came calling he leapt at his chance. Drawn to the arena for the glory and contest, Vargr relishes his time on the sands.

Vargr is a Zephyri gladiator.

Sculpture credit belongs to Sebastian Archer
Illustration by Yasmine Putri.

Intercept - This model may pay 1 Favor to make an attack at no Fatigue cost after it completes a Movement Reaction. The model may gain 1 Fatigue to upgrade the attack to a power attack.

Berserk - This model may activate while in the Fatigued or Exhausted states. In addition, once per activation, this model may pay 1 Favor and suffer 3 damage instead of gaining a Fatigue.

Disengage - Whenever this model would generate a Favor from its vitality track due to damage from an enemy, this model may choose to make a free Move Action instead.


The "Arena Rex Pre-Production Samples III


Design Spotlight: Vargr



Q: Can you remove a Fatigue then attack with Berserk?
A: No you cannot activate that model if you remove a Fatigue token from it first.

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