Ywain "The Bastard" is equally blessed and cursed by his station. Born to a courtesan well-loved in imperial circles, he has enjoyed a life absent the shadow of poverty. Lavish gifts and the best training punctuated his upbringing, but ever have been barbed with a calculating reminder of their origins. Determined to take full advantage of the gifts bestowed upon him, Ywain is unmoved by the pettiness of other and makes his own way in the arena.

Ywain is a Legio XIII gladiator.

Sculpture credit belongs to Patrick Masson
Illustration by Yasmine Putri.

Released : GenCon 2016

Rebuff - When an enemy model attacks this model but fails to deal any damage, this model resolves a PUSH against the attacking model.

Redoubt - This model gains access to the following special Reaction.

Reaction : Redoubt
Cost : 1 Fatigue
Trigger : When an enemy model declares an attack against this model.
Effect : For the duration of this attack, this model gains +3 ARM and cannot be pushed, shifted, or displaced.

Ywain may mount Dextarius.




Q: Does Micon's Atlas Throw work on Ywain and his Redoubt reaction?
A: Micon's Atlas Throw specifically says "place it anywhere within d3 inches of its current position."
Redoubt specifically says "cannot be pushed, shifted, or displaced."
Since Atlas Throw places, it is nether pushed, shifted, nor displaced. So Atlas Throw still works aganist Redoubt.

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