Zahra has proven herself no fool, though some would call her mad. This sandborn chose to break from the strictures of her tribe in the depth of the desert, and turn her rite of passage into a gamble for freedom and autonomy. Instead of returning with a mere scorpling after its first molt, she sought the most vicious and independent queen of the dunes, and guided it into the arena herself.

Zahra is a Morituri gladiator.

Sculpture credit belongs to Stephane Nguyen van Gioi
Illustration by Amber Blade Jones.

Lash - When resolving push effects, this model may push an enemy model directly toward itself.

Reach : 3 - This model's engagement range is 3 inches during its activation.

Deft - When this model is forcibly dismounted or its mount is defeated, it retains the shared Fatigue level of the mounted pair rather than being Exhausted.

Terror - All enemy models within 3 inches of this model are shifted 2 inches directly away from this model in an order chosen by this model's controller.

This model is available in the Morituri Starter Set.

This model may mount Sereqet.




Q: Can Zahra's Terror death ability push people into pits?
A: No, Zahra's Terror death ability is actually a shift. A shift is not the same as a push, in that the model shifted stops immediately before base contact with other models or hazards. Shifts do not cause damage, and cannot be resisted the same way as pushes, such as pushes toward a larger base. Mounts and mounted riders are shifted together. As always Titans ignore shifts. Finally, a shift will not trigger a living hazard to attack.

Q: Can you CounterAttack her 3" reach ?
A: Yes the defender can Counterattack and use their ATK instead of DEF for dice. However, if the defender scores any net successes against Zahra, the results are lost and cannot be applied since Zahra is not in their engagement range.

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