Based out of Hibernia in the Gallo-Roman Empire, Ludus Fratrum Cruore is the only gladiator school that can claim fabled Atlantean fighters in its ranks. Composed of a unique mix of Nordic warriors and natives of the far western continent, the Zephyri draw huge audiences within the empire and republic alike. ‚Äč The Zephyri aesthetic is a vibrant and uncharacteristic mix of Viking and Native American cultures.

An uncharacteristic mix of Viking and Native American cultures. Gladiators of the Zephyri school are able to trade vitality to remain ready to counter their opponents' attacks.


Brave - Passive Ability - Zephyri gladiator models in your cohort may react while Fatigued or Exhausted. If they do, instead of gaining a Fatigue they spend 1 Favor and suffer 3 damage.

Ambush - Tactic - COST: 1 Favor - Choose a Zephyri gladiator model in your cohort, and immediately resolve an attack with 1 net success against a model engaged by it. This tactic may only affect each gladiator once per clear turn.

Blood Brothers - Tactic - COST: A Zephyri gladiator in your cohort takes 2 damage - Another Zephyri gladiator in your cohort heals 2 vitality.

Zephyri Benefits


Tactics Spotlight: Zephyri



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